LitePros Philosophy

Litepros have a philosophy that the success of any project lies not only in an ability to implement proper design techniques but encompasses a much broader base of knowledge and commitment. Before a successful design can be applied, client needs must be fully understood, from the organisational level down to the individual. It requires a proper balance between form, function, expense, and the ability to adapt as these elements change. It depends upon the knowledge and experience of many disciplines, and relies on a timely response to their needs. Most importantly, it demands dedication and commitment in supporting the client effort from conception, through execution, to project completion and beyond.

Project Management

Litepros operate with a “team” approach to project management. Our knowledgeable sales staff, backed by an experienced design team, work to establish customers’ exact needs and requirements. Handover is then made to our operations team, from which a project manager and lead project supervisor is assigned. To ensure communication and continuity throughout the project, these team members maintain responsibility for administrative and site operations, empowered to act, as situations require.

Weekly operations meeting communicate project status and issues to all senior team members, drawing from the entire team’s combined experience to achieve swift and successful solutions. Planning and resource allocation is done at these team meetings. Litepros continually maintains strong relationships with specialized sub-contractors so as to fill the contractual and time-critical requirements when and wherever necessary.

Quality Control

Litepros maintains extensive design, CAD and fabrication departments. An engineering manager with a team of designers and draftsmen oversee all technical aspects of projects. A separate Quality Control specialist oversees testing and approves all assembled systems prior to shipment to the site and installation. All equipment racks are fabricated and systems are staged and tested in our shop prior to delivery to the project.

Health & Safety

Litepros consider this aspect as a paramount responsibility to every employee and project. Litepros follows a strict internal policy with on going awareness training. We have a commitment to our staff and others in the workplace and work closely with our clients and its contractors to provide a safe service as required within contract guidelines.